Sep 2, 2011

Antibiotics can treat ear infections in babies

/ On : 7:19 AM
GladChild: Has long been known that most of the reasons pediatricians are prescribing antibiotics to treat symptoms of ear infection in babies (acute ear infection). But today many people avoid excessive use of antibiotics because of side effects from treatment such as this. Many facts which indicate the success of healing without a medicine, and the basis of these facts are that doctors practicing so-called "Watchful waiting".

The purpose of this approach is careful observation on the development of ear infections disease without the use of medical drugs, if using a normal way. For example, since 2004 American Academy of Pediatrics and American Academy of Family Physicians recommend to use the method of "watchful waiting" in cases of mild earache without an increase in body temperature and complications for children aged 2 years. This recipe has a special purpose, when the doctor is convinced the current state of the severity of the infants in intensive care.

More than 63% of physicians use a method like this from time to time, but only 6% resort systematically. Parents of children who've been through treatment like this, more often not satisfied if a physician recommends such ear infection treatment (40%), rather than agree with the doctor (34%). Uses the "Watchful waiting" is usually questioned by many people who have better knowledge, having knowledge of antibiotics were deemed necessary included in the process of medical treatment decisions.

For a more efficient treatment in common childhood diseases, including ear infections, it is required closer interaction between physicians and parents, also help parents to better know their child's treatment methods.

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