Sep 2, 2011

Tips to get your child has a high ideal body

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GladChild: For the parents, would feel proud and happy to see her son grow tall. But what if parents feel less comfortable when they see her height does not match the expectations? Apart from nutritional factors, genetic factors also influence the actual height growth of the child. By genetic, every child in the program to achieve a certain height, it depends from the height of their parents, but in reality, a high child may exceed the height of her parents or even vice versa when they are adults.

One of the main causes why a child can not reach the optimal height is the lack of growth hormone produced by the pituitary gland. This may be due to genetic factors carrying the old, as we mentioned above and environmental factors where children live. Experts have found scientific evidence of how the environment of residence and type of diet can influence a child's height.

The sense of a child will reach the high ideal body commonly consumed each food they eat everyday. But, how much better if you give it food that contains lots of protein and amino acids to the small body could produce growth hormones derived from amino acids.

In addition to protein and amino acids, to achieve growth hormone in children, your children need calcium needed for bone growth. Give your child plenty of food and drink contains protein, amino acids, and calcium in order to achieve the optimal height.

Exercise and sports
With an exercise and sports, the pituitary gland in the body of a child will be releasing more growth hormone in children. So, if your child is in infancy, regular exercise will increase their height.

According to the theory, the backbone of human beings were created in such a way that one can achieve an optimal height, so it is very important for a child is told to train his spine through stretching exercises are done regularly every day for several minutes in order to achieve the optimal height. However, stretching exercises should only be provided for children of young age because the body they are able to do the type of training.

However, experts strongly recommend lifting the load is too heavy for your child who is in a period of high growth, because it will inhibit the growth of the spine.

High growth hormone therapy
It is regarded as a last resort for parents who are having problems with his height. If your child's height is shorter than its peers, you can go to the doctor to consult about the physical therapy or human growth hormone therapy growth hormone (HGH). However, such therapy is not without side effects and even in the long term will include the risk of diabetes and headaches that may be experienced by children.

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