Sep 4, 2011

How to change the behavior of a naughty child

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GladChild: Changing the behavior of misbehaving child is certainly not as easy as you think. As a parent, you definitely have to face the upset when the bad boy (juvenile delinquents) and behave outside the normal limits. Imagine the headache of your head when faced with a disruptive child in the morning, the mess at mealtime arrives as the children enjoy the food spout, a tantrum in public, lazy with homework, often denied, censorious, and other attitudes that stress you out. Not to mention in school, your child likes to protest what was taught by his teacher as well as cursing or hitting another friend that he did not like.

As a result, your child also received the title "bad boy", began to be shunned by her friends and often gets punishment from her teacher. However, do not punish him physically if your child is misbehaving, because it will not make things better. Your child was not necessarily bad since birth, because it is directly or indirectly formed from the surrounding environment, especially the family.

Therefore, to change the behavior of juvenile delinquents into an obedient child and the pride of a parent, you have to do it slowly and patiently starting from its immediate environment. The thing to remember, the child's education begins in the family prior to get it from the environment outside the home. Nothing wrong as well when you try to practice some of these tips to transform your child's behavior is quite naughty.

Applying the rules

Discipline begins with small things, and therefore do not let your family go without the rules that govern these things start from small things to large. If your child has been accustomed to follow the rules of a tiny, then it will be easier to manage when doing things that are bigger. No less importantly, you as the maker of rules are also not to break them.

Give a good example

Various studies have revealed that children are imitator’s number 1. Naughty child because any behavior that looks and recorded in her memory since she was a baby. If you often yell to your spouse or your child, do not be surprised if some time your child will follow your behavior by yelling at his friend or even his teacher. Since childhood, give meaning to your child how to talk with peers and older people is accompanied by concrete examples that you do that to him and your partner. So even with other behaviors, Give concrete examples will be more easily recorded in the memory of your child rather than just the theory that there is no form, or never does.

Reward and punishment

With the rules in the family, then it cannot be separated from reward and punishment to enforce discipline. Reward you can give when the child adhere to the rules, doing good or doing well in school, while the punishment you can give when the children break the rules you may have applied. However, do not get used to reward in the form of gifts or material to prevent your child become a materialistic and self-interest, except for certain things like a champion. Conversely, when your child is violated do not give punishment in the form of physical punishment as it would be bad for their psychological development. You can apply the punishment in the form of cutting time spent watching TV or playing outdoors forbade the relatively more secure and educate.

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