Sep 3, 2011

The benefits of reading stories to your children

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GladChild: For parents, this time storytelling activities for children are very rarely performed either at bedtime or at any time. This is due to parents' busy factor. But you know the activities of storytelling that has many advantages for the child.

Storytelling is not just an activity to bed time stories for your child. Many of the positive charge of these activities, among them:

Set an example
You can give examples of attitudes or praiseworthy deeds and avoid bad attitude or actions of the stories read. Storytelling is the most effective way to instill the idea or thought, moral values, manners and the concept of cause and effect, especially in children.

Motivating children
When you read or tell a tale, usually the child's imagination as a hero figure who managed to solve various problems. Or it could be your daughter's imagination to become a princess like a fairy tale that you tell him. Here's your chance to motivate the child through a fairy tale.

Taught to communicate
For children who can not communicate, you can stimulate the child's verbal communication skills by reading a fairy tale or a story that is easily understood.

Increasing child intelligence
One way to improve the intelligence of children is with storytelling. A bright child is a child who received stimulation appropriate to their age, especially in the golden age or golden ages (ages 0-5 years). Golden age of children is the golden age of growth and development of children, so at this time of the child requires assistance from someone who can continue to monitor the growth and development. And need someone who is able to provide optimal stimulation with great affection. And one form of stimulation to educate children is by bed time stories.

Before you begin, it helps if you first understand what kind of stories that were trying to convey, so you can tell according to the type of story. You also have to adjust the story with the child's age, number of listeners, the purpose of delivery of content, situation and condition of the child and the duration of time passed.

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