Aug 27, 2011

A simple way to improve child intelligence

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GladChild: Social interaction and stimulation of sensory function optimally can increase the child intelligence. Here are five simple ways to grow your baby smarter.

1. Invite your child to walk out

Frequently asked baby walk out the door. His eyes will see many colors, skin will feel the temperature change, and he will learn to adapt too many people. Strolling in the mall does not matter, but preferably more often took him to the park or garden that has a fresh air.

2. Washing activity

Every now and then invite your toddler in washing activities. Toddlers learn a lot by that activity. You can take baby aged three years to bring his dirty clothes to wash, and then asked him to turn on water faucets. In addition to fun, a number of senses your baby is also stimulated by new experiences.

3. Asked many questions

When your baby busy playing, interspersed with a number of minor questions such as how the voices of animals. Before eating, you can also ask for the baby to smell the food. Ask how the aroma. That way the brain and the sense of smell aroused.

4. Storytelling

Your voice for the baby is more appealing than a robot or a puppet voice had bought for him. Toddlers prefer that parents tell stories or sing to her. They will feel entertained and it makes the information that you can be absorbed easily. Storytelling is not just storytelling, but also a learning process for children. They can get new information through the story. They also can learn the gestures and voice narrator.

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