Aug 28, 2011

Recognize cause of epilepsy in children to be able to prevent it

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GladChild: Epilepsy in children, you need to find out more in the cause for prevention. Epilepsy or seizures characterized by a tendency to recurrent seizures. Two percent of the adult population had experienced a seizure and a third group had epilepsy.

Compared with other disorders that attack the brain, epilepsy in children belongs to the class of disorders directly affecting the body's motor skills is temporary. This occurs because the abnormal signals from neurons to the brain. Clusters of neurons and nerve cells are responsible for all actions of the body, when both nerves are not functioning well can interfere with physical activity and convulsions, and can make sufferers experience a loss of consciousness.

Cause of epilepsy in children is quite diverse, but in general interference with the normal activity in neurons can cause epilepsy. It could be a minor annoyance or abnormal brain development in children. But in some cases, epilepsy occurs as a stroke, tumors, cysts, and bleeding in the brain. As for other causes, including:
  • Changes in brain chemistry.
  • Hereditary disease, from genetics.
  • Physical and mental disorders.
  • Injuries to the head when it crashed.
  • Injuries during pregnancy.
  • Environmental influences.
The medicines for epilepsy, namely carbamazepine, evaporate lamotrigine, oxcarbazepine, and phenytoin. These drugs are prescribed with a small dose and is suitable for all types of epilepsy. But if the doctor had diagnosed the disease and find out the specifics, then the drugs would be changed. Including drug clonazepam, phenobarbital and primidone. New drugs were always made to treat the disease, such as some of this new drug tiagabine, topiramate, levetiracetam, gabapentin and felbamate.

Epilepsy disease can be prevented, one of them by avoiding injury to the head. Protect your head as berkendaaran on the road, especially your motorcycle and bicycle riders. Use a safe helmet to protect his head.

Likewise when the kids play bike, both in the home or the street. Always use a helmet on your children and teach them how to drive safely. Epilepsy in children can be prevented with care during pregnancy.

Body's vulnerability to attacks of epilepsy is based on the following factors:
  • Children and people over 65 years.
  • Men are more prone to epilepsy.
  • Having family members who suffer from epilepsy (hereditary disease).
  • People who injured his head.
  • Stroke, cysts, and tumors in the brain, as well as the general disruption of the vascular (blood vessel).
  • People suffering from brain infections, such as meningitis (inflammation of the lining).
The symptoms of epilepsy depend on the severity and type of epilepsy itself. The disease can be found and affects every part of the body, so that the sensation was different.

When the epileptic attack, the symptoms may both eyes of patients will continue to stare, frequent blinking, eyelids and other body part. In addition the patient also is likely to experience dizziness and fainting, accompanied by memory loss after conscious. Wrinkled fingers and lips tilted position can occur after the disease strikes. Dental bluffing, the tongue was in between the teeth and salivation can also be common symptoms encountered in patients with epilepsy.

It is important to know more clearly about epilepsy, so you can undergo early treatment and can provide a greater chance of cure. In the medical world, there are several kinds of treatment for epilepsy. And hospital care is important to deal with this disorder.

Not only one physician specialist who treats disease, such as a neurologist (neurologist) will monitor the neural activity of epilepsy patients. Expand to rest and eat healthy food and medical treatment can cure epilepsy.

Here are some types of epilepsy that you need to know to undergo appropriate treatment:
  • Idiopathic Generalized Epilepsy. This type is derived from the family disease.
  • Idiopathic Partial Epilepsy. Might be due to inherited diseases, may not. But this type arise when the patient was a child.
  • Symptomatic Generalized Epilepsy, This type is characterized by damage to the brain dilate. Probably caused by injury in childhood.
  • Symptomatic Partial Epilepsy, Commonly found in adults. Possibly due to a tumor, stroke and severe injuries.
If a child or a family member has symptoms of epilepsy, consult your doctor. By getting treatment early, the chances of the disease can be resolved more quickly.

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