Aug 25, 2011

Children who like to play games are at risk of cavities

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GladChild: Hobby of playing video games can reduce the motion and physical activity, so prone to obesity in children. Not only that, children are also more prone to cavities in teeth symptoms because without realizing it so much snacking while being engrossed in playing the game.

Snacks and soft drinks are often consumed while in front of a computer or games console usually contain lots of sugar. Because too busy, someone let alone the kids will not even think about the health impacts of sugar to the oral cavity.

Any sugar into our mouths, acid attacks will threaten your teeth up to 1 hour. Sugar reacts with bacteria then produce acids that dangerous, said Dr Niger Carter of the British Dental Health Foundation as quoted from icnetwork on Thursday August 25, 2011.

Acid can be dangerous because it can make holes in your teeth or just grind the outer layer of enamel on the teeth. As a result the nerves in the deeper layers are not protected, so that the teeth become more sensitive.

Research conducted by Dr. Carter shows, children and adolescents who spent most of his time playing video games prone to cavities in teeth symptoms. The risk is 2 times greater than children who are actively playing outside.

Meanwhile previous studies done Jordon POSS from the University of Iowa showed the role of parents in controlling children's behavior when playing games may reduce the risk of cavities. If monitored, the risks of cavities can be reduced to 30 percent.

It is estimated, 50 percent of teens and children across the UK have a video game alone in his room each. Almost all of them or more precisely 97 percent play regularly every day, so many who suffer from obesity since a young age.

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