Sep 2, 2011

How to stop a child from biting habit

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GladChild: You may often be disappointed with your child's behavior is often biting habit, whether the bite toys, friends or even bite you. Maybe you think your child habits this strange, but one of 10 children 2-3 years old is particularly susceptible to bites. Most children begin to learn to bite by biting her parents, but politely, and many parents who do not stop this biting habit because of it as drawing the attention and the funny thing.

Furthermore, children may be frustrating and want to bite because of the other children. In children aged 2 or 3 three years, the tendency to bite as an expression of anger and intimidate others. But before you scold him because of this bad habit, it would be better if you know the reason behind this often.

Conducting experiments
Children are still curious about the objects around him, including taste. One way to insert objects in its mouth, if you encounter a situation like this, explains to your child's biting action that was not true. Say no firmly as he did this habit. As a replacement, and prepare a variety of toys or activities for your child who can stimulate his senses during the introduction of this environment.

The child who experienced frustrating is usually less have the ability to socialize and the emotional, unable to overcome the problem and has not been able to show their feelings accurately. How to overcome this type of child, you should teach proper language to express his feelings, for example, expressing a sense of happy or sad. Help express feelings through words, like Mother know you are angry because the mother did not want to buy toys for you. Or you prevent your children when they want to bite another child.

The biter
Type these children do not feel comfortable with the growth of teeth and chewed and need something for the pain. How to fix it by giving your child something safe for chewing, such as biscuits or a special toy for your child's bite.

Feel threatened
Often a child experience excessive fear and biting habit is a way to control these feelings. The reason they bite is also to defend them. To overcome this problem, you should make them feel more secure with the presence of a person or thing that makes it unsafe. If your child does not seem safe, trivia your child out of the situation, and teach the words of such a mine or not to help build self confidence.

To seek attention
Do not bite your child's response when they bite you. Screaming, crying or good response was positive or negative from the bite will make them feel they succeeded in getting the attention he wants. This will make it back to repeat the deed. Enough attention on your child when it is or after biting a person is one way to overcome this problem. And try not to bite too attention on your child or when they bite another person.

Familiarity was normal bite occurs in children, but still can not be allowed. It is helpful if you become role models your children, teach behavior that is fast and polite. Do not forget to teach words to express her feelings and helps reduce stress. Most important, do not hit him and yelled at the child while conveying all of you, but use a firm tone.

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