Sep 6, 2011

How to develop your child's social skills

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GladChild: Exactly how your child learns to bond with the people around him? How and when your child is also beginning to find friends? All of this turns out to start from you. As parents, you are the first friend for your child. You will become his closest friend. Through you anyway he can later find other friends. Your relationship and your child is basically a starting point for the development of child social skills.

In the age range of 0 to 12 months, in outline the development of your child's social skills that are important are as follows.
  • As a social creature who had just been born, your child is happy to be touched, held, hugged, cuddled and given a smile. He also began to love to see your face, and even mimic a number of motion your body. Try not ever stick out your tongue and observe whether he had come to imitate as well.
  • At level three months of age, most of your child's waking hours will be spent to see what's going on around him. At the age of three months he'll probably release the first smile to you. Interaction with you then takes place through this smile.
  • In the age range of 4 to 6 months, your child will be more open to the presence of new people around him. He would greet them with an excited voice. However, those closest to him still remains, namely the mother and father. The most enthusiastic reaction is always directed to both, a sign of a deep bond.
  • Around the age between 7 and 8 months, your child will learn how to truly connect with others, especially his age. Your child will begin to interact with other children in the street together, sometimes accompanied by smiles and chatter of voices or sounds that imitate other children. Your child starts to feel too frightened to people who are not known and could sense when his condition was alone.
  • Ending the first year, your child starts to show antisocial conditions, such as crying when you leave him or feel nervous, uncomfortable when he was in the arms of someone other than your spouse.

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