Sep 6, 2011

Some of the therapies for autistic children

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GladChild: Autism children symptoms are a condition where a person can not form a social relationship and communication is normal at birth or in infancy. Prominent symptoms of children with autism are an attitude that tends to disregard the environment and the people around him, as if refusing to communicate and interact, as well as live in his own world. Children with autism also have difficulty understanding the language and communicate verbally. These symptoms begin to appear at birth or while still small, usually before a child aged 3 years old.

However, do not necessarily think of an autistic child as a fool. If not treated immediately, an autistic child will have mental retardation, with IQs under 75. But they also potentially have high IQs tend to be a genius even if getting intensive therapy and good, except that their potentials are generally not monitored.

Autism symptoms can not heal by itself. Most parents assume that the child will heal itself with age, but that's not true. There may be some of the symptoms reduced, but many were in fact symptoms persist, escalate, and even create new symptoms that were not originally there. Autism children are not visible in the near future, but eventually will be more visible. Here are some therapies that can be applied to children with autism in people with autism.

Medicines autism therapy
This therapy is not to be a lifetime, but only used to reduce or eliminate some of the symptoms alone. The main medicines used to control behavior that tends to screw up so that the child is easier to treat. These drugs are useful to help children concentrate, causing eye contact and increase interaction with the environment. Later, this drug dose is gradually lowered until the minimum limit and can be added if problems arise later on.

Diet autism therapy
In children with autism tend to hyperactivity, can be a diet on foods that contain sugar, yeast, wheat, caffeine, food preservatives, flavors, ingredients and fat.

Occupational autism therapy
This therapy is done to train the muscles are stiff or weak, such as can not hold a ballpoint. Occupancy therapy will help the child to develop coordination and physical strength of nerve, so that he can do something with certain tools or without tools.

Speech autism therapy
Typically, people with autism suffer from speech and language disorders. This therapy should be done directly by the experts.

Behavioral autism therapy
This therapy teaches the child to understand the command. If the child did what was asked correctly, then give him a compliment. But if he did wrong then give him a penalty, but not physically. The commands are given for this therapy is also not a complicated command, but that is simple and easily understood by the child.

Therefore, parents must also have knowledge about the treatment of children with autism through training and hands-off just like that. However, active participation of parents will help cure the child.

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