Sep 10, 2011

When do babies should start to wearing shoes?

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GladChild: This question is actually a bit controversial among the pediatricians. Some pediatricians recommend that babies do not need to wear shoes until the age of 15 months. Others feel a child should start wearing first shoes after they began to walk. But somehow, you should see and consider where your baby to walk. If they just walk in the area around the house, then they do not need baby shoes for walking. But if they leave the house, you should put on their shoes, because you certainly do not want your baby's dirty bare feet exposed to cold or dirt in the streets.

Baby shoes protect the child from the heat of the sun, scratches, and bruises. But should you let your baby go barefoot if the opportunity arises. And do not let your babies wearing shoes too long.

If you purchase outdoor baby shoes for your baby, make sure the shoe size fit with their feet. Also make sure they remain free to move his legs. Whatever your decision, make sure that it is the best for your baby.

Do not force baby shoes just so they look funny. Let your baby go barefoot at home, and when they leave the house, make sure they wear soft soled shoes premises.

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