Sep 11, 2011

Signs of autism can be seen from the age of 1 year

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GladChild: Recent research has found that signs of autism in children do not appear in children before they are 6 months old but will begin to emerge by the time they reach the age of 1 year.

Conduct detecting autism before the age of one year will not work because not yet known. Because this test involves testing on social behavior in children, until age 3, will be noted their ability to communicate, smiling, talking and making eye contact. If when he was 1 year old, children who suffer from autism, an experiment for the ability to communicate will decrease. But there is an increase on anything else.

Autism in children affects one percent of children in the United States. Researchers rely on the information parents about their child's achievement growth, but it is still difficult for many parents who requested the information. Parents should tell their children the differences experienced when that happens, do not be put off until it is missing.

What to do if you see signs of autism in your child?

If you suspect your child has a developmental retardation, promptly contact your health care provider for children with autism.
  • Visit the Autism Information Center.
  • Remember that some children need a little time to achieve their growth should be, maybe you one of them.
  • You can share your story and your experiences with other parents whose children have autism so that you will get a lot of information you need.

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