Sep 12, 2011

Music can help to reduce pain in infants

/ On : 6:20 AM
GladChild: A recent study says that listening to music can reduce pain and provide therapeutic benefits for the baby who had to undergo medical procedures, including circumcision. 

Plays music for children and babies can soothe and stabilize some of the vital functions of their bodies, as reported Live Science. However, previous studies conducted did not provide strong evidence to support this claim.

In the latest study, researchers from the University of Alberta, Canada, reviewed the nine studies published between 1989 to 2006, included those of normal premature babies and infants. The researchers could not draw absolute conclusions from the trials because of population differences and differences in tests conducted against the population. In addition, in some experiments, tests conducted by not optimal.

However, they found preliminary evidence which the music has a beneficial effect when medical procedures take place in infants or children, such as blood sampling and circumcision. 

The researchers insist that it takes other experiments a more optimal for confirming evidence that music can provide benefits for children and infants who undergo medical procedures.

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