Sep 12, 2011

The benefits of spa for babies

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GladChild: Apparently, the spa is not only needed by adults because the baby needs it for health and growth. In addition, by doing a baby spa will also have a good body immunity, to avoid digestive problems and your baby sleep quality will improve.

Stages of the spa for a baby not much different from the spa for adults, but everything are given to the portions and functions tailored to the needs of the baby. Baby Spa is also important to detect early abnormalities of the body because the baby cannot complain to his parents when the body feels pain or sprain. By doing a spa, the baby's body will be "improved" sense of relaxation as well as a convenient and good for the development of his soul. Generally, a spa for the infant consists of swimming, bathing, and massage.

When swimming, a baby will be trained motor movements due to foot and his body will be twitching, but will also prevent respiratory distress. While in the bath, the baby will do relaxation as most kids today have higher stress levels. Remember, when your baby is swimming or bathing, water used should not be too hot as it can make the peripheral blood vessels dilated which reduce blood flow to the heart.

While infant massage on relaxation in addition to providing benefits will also help improve digestion and facilitate blood circulation to the baby. Generally, the baby often experience digestive problems when breastfeeding. With this massage, digestive problems called colic or bloating because the colon will be resolved will work as well as digestion.

A study conducted by the Touch Research Institute at the University of Miami School of Medicine, United States, revealed that the weight of babies born prematurely will increase by 47% after a baby spa massage as much as three times a day with duration of 15 minutes each, conducted over 10 days. This was due to stimulation of massage stimulates the vagus nerve of the brain which releases the secretion of food absorption hormones, including insulin. Besides massage is also known to release substances that are similar to serotonin, a neurotransmitter that can reduce pain and decrease stress hormones.

Even so, baby spa massage is as important as vitamin and mineral intake for babies should be done with proper technique in accordance with the child's growth phase. That is because the baby is still physically fragile and has a different sensitivity. Massage techniques are performed also not too hard because the baby's bones are still soft. Besides the massage should also follow the flow of blood circulation and metabolism.

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