Sep 12, 2011

Playing is important for infant development

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GladChild: If you include people who are busy with work while you have a baby, you should often take more time to play with your baby. When the play is one of the needs of children, and he deserves to get it. In fact, according to the UN Human Rights Committee, playing is the right of all children.

Forget to teach your baby and begin to play with him. While all parents want their children to be smart, you might ask, why even play is a very stressed to the baby. Because regardless of age, of course, when playing for the baby is a time where it can benefit the physical, social and emotional growth. Playing does not always mean using toys, but interaction with parents or caregivers are also very important.

Baby Developments

Baby you are exploring a new world every day and of course the child could learn something he did not know before. If you give the bracelet that can be rattled, then he will know that if he was moving his arms, the bracelet will sound. That way your baby has to learn about cause and effect, he knew that he could make things happen. When he started a little larger, than the 'Peek-boo' game he may know that you will just disappear for a few moments only, not for a long time.

While the physical game, can build bone strength and improve the health of your child. With a physical game, you can make your baby roll over, crawl or walk more quickly than infants who were not much involved physical activity with adults. Play also helps build your baby's confidence and baby social development. Furthermore, the play will also greatly help the brain development of children and encourage her to be able to imagine and the creation of more.

Talk with your baby

When playing with your child, you have helped him to learn many things, including teach it to speak. Read fairy tales, and plays using words or imitating animal sounds can help build your baby language skills.

Talk to your baby about everything. Explain what you do and why as you were talking with adults. Long before he knows what you're talking about, your child will learn the rhythm of your language. In time he will understand the meaning of certain words even though not yet able to say so myself.

Here are some ways to interact with your babies:
  • Playing with a lot of sound / words
  • Play music and sing along
  • Read a book. Although the child did not understand his words, he will enjoy pictures with bright colors and the rhythm of your voice
  • Encourage your baby to play toys are brightly colored, which makes a lot of noise and has a different texture
  • Show your baby in glass
Would be much better if you could also bring the child to play on the floor, do not forget to make sure the surrounding atmosphere is safe for babies. In this way, he will learn how to hold his head while in the prone position roll over, sit up movement, crawling to walking. The more often he was on the floor, the sooner he is also able to perform the movements themselves.

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