Oct 1, 2011

6 Causes of nosebleeds in children

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GladChild: Nosebleeds can be experienced by anyone including children, although is more common in children. Please note, that in the nasal cavity in front of us there is a clots of blood vessels. In children, clots of blood vessels is usually more vulnerable to rupture and cause bleeding. Normally the blood vessels and mucus cells in the nasal cavity of children will be stronger after he child reaches the age of 12 years.

To cope with nosebleeds in children we should first know the cause of nosebleeds, following are the 6 causes of nosebleeds in children:
  1. Clash of the nose, for example because the child fell or hit her nose.
  2. Excessive nose picking habit, such as itching, or a child trying to remove the crust of the dry nose.
  3. Nose intruding foreign objects, such as grains, or other small objects that cause infection and bleeding.
  4. Changes in weather, for example, from playing in the hot sun and into the air-conditioned house, or deal with changes in air pressure.
  5. Infectious diseases, especially those accompanied by a sudden high fever, like dengue fever.
  6. Blood diseases, such as leukemia 'blood cancer' and hemophilia.

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