Oct 19, 2011

The signs of anemia in children who have to be aware

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GladChild: Parents sometimes do not realize the symptoms of anemia that appears in children, but if left untreated can cause adverse effects. For that watch out for symptoms of anemia in children.

If the child is often lethargic, often sleepy, wants to sleep, lazy or eat a lot but thin body, it could be signs of anemia in children.

Children who eat a lot but why she still underweight the possibility of having worms, and worm infections are known to cause the child to be anemic.

This is because worms that is in the child's body takes nutrients that enter the body including iron, causing malnourished children.

Other conditions that can be checked on the child's parents is to check the child's palm, if it is slightly bent palms look pale then he may have anemia or nail color that looks pale.

If it finds these conditions, then try to notice whether their diet was complete or not. If not then give an iron-rich foods, if still not then give foods that are fortified iron, if still lacking also recently given iron supplements.

Before doing the examination given supplements of hemoglobin to determine its value or it could be examined to know the child's stool worms or not.

The untreated anemia can lead to children learning difficulties, school or sports achievement decreases, lowering IQ scores and easily tired. Source of this iron can be obtained from red meat, green vegetables and nuts, and consumption of vitamin C can help increase iron absorption.

Iron is needed to assist the process of formation of red blood cells and also helps metabolize energy and improve concentration. The need for iron depends on the child's age, generally for school children required 10 mg/day.

Anemia usually occurs because the number of red blood cells or hemoglobin levels is below normal, whereas the red blood cells serve to bring food and oxygen around the body. If there is anemia in children, then the distribution will be hampered and affect one's health.

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