Oct 21, 2011

Pregnancy in adolescence can be at risk of dying during childbirth

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GladChild: Teen-age women are strongly advised not to marry or become pregnant at her age, because the reproductive organs in women aged adolescents has not been strong enough to give birth. Teenagers who become pregnant are at risk 4-fold, was seriously wounded on reproductive organs and can cause dying during childbirth.

Countries in Asia Pacific can be said to fail to deal with teenagers and young children. Despite economic growth and improvement of health services overall, but when talking about health and reproductive rights, adolescents and young people still lack the information and underserved.

For example, all countries in the Asia Pacific region have laws against child marriage, but in many countries nearly 50 percent of women marry before age 18 years.

The implications are very serious and, in some young women may result in life-threatening.

Young women and teenagers have a 4-fold risk compared with older women to experience the risk of severe injury or dying during childbirth.

Here are some of the dangers which threatened when a woman is married and pregnant at a young age before 20 years old:
  • In the reproductive organs he was not ready to touch or contain, so that if the pregnancy at risk of developing high blood pressure because the body is not strong enough. This condition is usually not detected at early stages, but eventually leads to convulsions, bleeding and even death to the mother or baby.
  • Egg owned by women is not yet ready.
  • Risk of cervical cancer, because the younger person's age at first intercourse, the greater the risk of reproductive areas contaminated by the virus.
That getting married at a young age makes a woman permanently become independent and not always rely on her husband, so that would later influence on social and economic status.

The wife of the young usually do not get enough education so that opportunities to be self-cutting, including to seek reproductive health services. As such, they are more likely to be exposed to many health risks, not only the risk of pregnancy but also violence, sexually transmitted infections including HIV and AIDS.

Pregnancy in adolescence

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