Oct 23, 2011

Physical characteristics of children with autism located in the eyes and lips

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GladChild: Autism includes behavioral disorders, so it's rather difficult to physically recognizable. But a few studies have mapped the differences in people with autism face shape, especially on the lips width and the distance between the eyes.

Research conducted by scientists from the University of Missouri concludes, faces and brain development occurs simultaneously since in the womb. Both also influence each other, but it is not known exactly how the mechanism children actually is.

By mapping the differences in people with autism face shape, it is expected that parents can detect it early if there are children who show symptoms of autism. Early detection will facilitate assistance, so the mental growth and intelligence can be adjusted.

Here are a few differences on the face, which distinguishes children with autism as quoted from Dailymail on Friday October 21, 2011.
  • Have a wider spacing between the eyes
  • The middle section is more narrow face, including cheeks and nose area
  • Has a lip and philtrum (the area between the noses with the lips) are more broadly.
These characteristics revealed by scientists after making observations of 62 children aged 12 years who were diagnosed with autism. For comparison, the scientists also studied 41 children with no history or clinical symptoms of autism.

In observations, the scientists photographing the faces of the participants with a special camera that can produce 3-dimensional images. Based on these pictures, the differences of physical characteristics were eventually found in 17 points, among others, at the end of the eye, and lip philtrum.

From these findings we can develop to know at which point the autism disorder begins to form. This will bridge the speculation among genetic factors with the environment, said Prof. Kristina Aldridge, who led the research.

These findings as well as strengthen the notion that the brain triggers the coordination of autism disorders have occurred in the womb. But until now, scientists have not concluded whether autism is only genetic factors influenced or affected also by the environment.

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