Nov 3, 2011

11 warning signs of children who have mental disorders

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Mental disorders in children often go undiagnosed. For that investigators issued a list of 11 marks to get parents more easily recognize mental problems in children.

Some signs such as feeling sad for 2 weeks or more may show symptoms of depression, intense fear or concern in doing everyday activities can be an anxiety disorder.

But sometimes this is not realized, especially in children who have not been able to explain what she feels.

Hence this list is intended to help parents or community to more easily recognize mental problems in children so they can receive proper treatment and medication.

Previous studies showed 3 of 4 children have mental health problems, including attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), eating disorders and bipolar disorder are not diagnosed, so do not get the care needed.

Many parents are confused about whether their children have a problem, hence this list is created to facilitate the identification so that treatment is more effective, said Dr Peter S Jensen, professor of psychiatry at the Mayo Clinic, as quoted by LiveScience.

Here are 11 warning signs a child has mental problems that have been published in the journal Pediatrics, namely:
  1. Feeling very sad or withdrawn for 2 weeks or more
  2. Trying to hurt or kill one, or even have plans to do so
  3. Suddenly felt tremendous fear for no apparent reason, sometimes accompanied by heart rate and rapid breathing
  4. Involved in several fights, using weapons or desire to hurt others
  5. Have out of control behavior that could harm themselves or others
  6. Do not want to eat, vomit or using laxatives to lose weight
  7. Fears or worries that intensive and continuous in performing daily activities
  8. Very difficult to concentrate or put yourself in an environment that could endanger themselves or cause failure of the school
  9. The use of drugs or alcohol are repeated
  10. Severe mood swings that cause problems in relationships of friendship or family
  11. Behavioral and personality changes drastically
Researchers reveal if parents notice any of these signs in children, you should consult with a physician or mental health professional for psychiatric evaluation.

In addition it is expected that the Guideline of these signs can help parents distinguish between normal behaviors from childhood with signs of mental problems.

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