May 14, 2011

10 Tips to Make Children Like to Reading

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GladChild: Children tend to choose activities that are fun and exciting than reading, but reading is an activity that can add insight and knowledge on the child later. But if you can create a fun and exciting atmosphere then they will be eager to start the activity.

Famous children book writer, Peter Corey, suggests one key to success for reading activities can be fun atmosphere is reading together with your child. Reading with your child is positive and educational activities, because these activities can increase your child reading interest.

Here are 10 tips to make children like to reading:
  1. Reading activities along with more effective when done 10-15 minutes each day. If you do not find the right time for a full day, then make use of the time before bed to read with your baby.
  2. Reading is a fun activity, so avoid forcing a child to read when the little tired because of many activities. Let him have the initiative to start reading.
  3. After reading is completed, you should use a little time to give an opinion, impression, the idea of the story and listen to what was read and then discuss. That way you can know whether he understood the contents of the books he read. That way you can know whether he understood the contents of the books he read.
  4. Use a facility that supports the story, like enjoy every picture in the book the story. Children will be easier to get an understanding with the help of pictures.
  5. Always choose a simple story, funny and interesting for children. When you need to choose a story book that became his favorite theme.
  6. The theme of the story of children books is very diverse. So buy the book in a bookstore a special section for children to find the theme interesting story.
  7. Simplify the use of the words you speak. Avoid reading long sentences and difficult intelligibility of children. If your child does not understand the storyline, then use everyday language that is more easily understood.
  8. Do not hesitate to judge a book by the cover and who the author. It can help you to decide whether the book is worth your purchase.
  9. Do not worry if your child wants to read the same book every time. Children usually enjoy the repetition of activities because it helps them to better understand the story.
  10. Give praise to your child who has been trying to read. Let him know what his mistake when reading. By doing so, he will be more perfect in reading.

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