May 14, 2011

Circumcision Can Make Your Kids Grow Faster

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GladChild: When growth of 12 year old child body is smaller and less high than his friends, surely crossed your mind, what should be circumcised first, then my child will growing more quickly?

Assumption if the child after the circumcision and then his body will grow into a big fast is not true. That's a myth, a child development and growth are not directly related to circumcision.

Factors that influence the growth are growth hormone, nutrition, and heredity. Just a coincidence factor if such children were circumcised at the age of 12 years ago he became big fast, because it coincided with the growth period.

So it's not solely due to circumcision. If you want a high note the child's body quickly nutrition given to your child, descendant, sports, and children do not burdened with carrying heavy items such as custom carrying bags in the back, because it can affect the growth of the spine.

The benefits of Circumcision for your child health

Circumcision can be done from the age of the newborn until whenever. For Muslim men are required to circumcision for their children health. However, any non Muslim men, but also feel the need to perform circumcision for reasons of hygiene and health, such as:
  1. Can prevent the occurrence of penile cancer. In people who are not circumcised, smegma (dirt) that came out from the base of the penis head will be buried under preputium. If there is dirt on the skin of the penis head is feared that the behavior of chronic irritation of the surrounding cells will become malignant (carcinogenic) that ultimately lead to cancer of the penis.
  2. Cleanliness assured. If the hole is not closed penile skin (preputium), and between preputium and glands penis (penis head) there is no dirt, urination becomes smooth so as to avoid urinary tract infections.
  3. Circumcision may also prevent transmission of HIV disease, syphilis, or any other venereal disease.

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