May 14, 2011

Tips on How to Cutting the Nails, an Active Child

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GladChild: If you have a very active child and cannot be controlled, can only jump up and running is a hallmark of children 1-3 years. There are several important ways of cutting the nails done for your child who is very actively engaged.

Your child can not be too active. Hence, the activities of cleaning and trimming the nails are one of the most challenging for parents of children this age. Here are tips on how to cutting the nails, an cctive child:
  • Select endless round nail clippers, can usually be obtained at the center of baby and children equipment.
  • For the fingers, the shape of the edge of the nail scissors (curved). But be careful not too short.
  • To nail scissors at the foot should be flat, in order to grow well and avoid the possibility of pain at the edge of toenails.
  • If your child is too active and difficult to silence, you should cut the nails while he slept.
  • Check the length of the small-short nails, scissors least every week.
You can stop using the above when the baby is more able to control themselves and can be given meaning for a pause in this moment of nail scissors. The goal, so he started to learn so that one day he can do it yourself.

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