May 19, 2011

6 Cause Sleep Disorders in Children

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GladChild: Children who sleep less than nine hours will usually become tired, cranky, and aggressive. Parents usually think this sleep disorders occurs when they are babies, but tough times sleep is also experienced in children early school age.

According to Gregory Stores, professor who studied the development of nerves from the University of Oxford, the children that lack of sleep will have difficulty in remembering, do not focus and have trouble in solving problems. In fact, the behavior that triggered the ADHD occurs because the Sleep Disorders in Children, said Dr. Stores.

As yahoohealth released, there were 6 cause sleep disorders in children:

1. Difficult breathing and snoring
Children who frequently experience difficulty in breathing during sleep (apnea) often wake up at night and do not have good sleep quality. A penelitin on elementary school children to find some children suffered mild apnea caused by chronic sinus infections, only one percent are suffering from severe apnea. Children who suffer from sleep apnea usually snore. Child's chest during sleep seen shaking or head raised as if to breathe the air.

2. Anxious
Children have their own worries, like not popular in school, failed the test and let you down can cause sleep disorders in children. Children who experience excessive anxiety is usually looked tired, but their eyes would not shut. Sometimes they suffer from stomach pains while sleeping. They will ask for a glass of water, a hug, or do not want to sleep alone and cry when you leave.

3. Do not exercise enough or too much play computer
Active child usually have a good sleep. A study monitoring the activities of children aged seven years with their bedtime. These researchers found each one hour period of passive children will take three minutes longer to sleep. Exercise produces chemical compounds in the brain that makes people fall asleep and relaxed, said Shahriar Shahzeidi, MD, Professor at the pediatric clinic at the University of Miami.

While playing in front of the computer before bed will only cause problems because the light from the screen can disrupt the natural cycles of sleep. Notice when your child is spending more time in front of the TV or computer. Add daily activity with exercise.

4. Woke up at midnight
Other psychological problems in children, stomach churned, cramps can wake your child at bedtime. However, the main problem is allergies, asthma and increased gastric acid.

Asthma in children are often not visible in the daytime, but can interfere with the children at night. Notice when a child refuses to sleep and became fussy or sleepy at dinner hour. Notice cough or hiss at night, or swollen eyes and runny nose in the morning.

5. Sleep Walking
Children of school age who have slept a lot while walking, said Karen Ballaban-Gil, MD, a pediatrician at The Children's Hospital at Montefiore, in New York City. The cause is not the full period of transition during sleep that cause the brain to stay asleep, but the body is able to move anywhere. Usually the sleep walking occurs in the early hours of sleep and decline in the family.

If you find your child is sleep walking, immediately guided them back to bed. Make sure you to lock the front door and rear of your house, lock windows, close the things that are harmful to children.

6. Moving the hand or thigh
When the child falls asleep, she will kick with surprising effects and want to move, this condition called restless leg syndrome (RLS). Usually the child will be restless, complained of not feeling in his legs just before sleep or remain sitting. Immediately see the pediatrician, ask your doctor to test levels of iron and folic acid in the body of a child. If found levels of both are weak, then the children need extra supplements. In milder cases, massage on the feet or use a heating pad can help them.

Stay away from caffeine that gets children from soft drinks and chocolate candy. Limit your use of the telephone, avoid watching a scary movie and on a strict bedtime rules will help children have a good sleep.

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