May 18, 2011

How to Improve Parent Child Communication

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GladChild: This article was written to facilitate the parent child communication so that harmony can be established between mother and child. Try to feel, what it's like to talk but not being heard by our children? Obviously you as a parent would feel much unappreciated, that means there is an unjust act against us. Why? Because we expect reciprocity from what we've been doing, feel they have authority but cannot be used. When children listen and obey what we say then the feelings of love and affection we'll grow to it. We will learn from one of these questions, and aspects of what is needed for effective communication with your child.

In general there are 2 aspects of parent child communication. The first is the child emotional aspect, causing children to be more easily influenced, according to a strong and committed by his friend is the feeling to be accepted. When together with his friends they feel part of a group, to be accepted in a group, they will obey whatever is said their friends, even though unreasonable or destructive. Included with the daring to smoke or disturb their other friends. That way they will be admired in the wrong way, by their own group or gang. Being cool and looks great is very important for adolescents, because they are the strongest encouragement when it is felt important and the recognition.

On the other hand, many children do not like to hear parents because their parents tend to dictate. So in the minds of children, they felt that by listening to parents and parents lost their means to win. They feel important by doing what is said by parents and by not following what we want then they feels more important because it has won the battle.

Children who excel in school, who has a confident, not easily influenced by peers is a child who is accepted, loved and recognized by her parents. At home everything is fulfilled, and then they should not search for recognition out there.

4 things that must be considered to improve parent child communication:
  1. Use the word "Request" when we need a child to do something. By using the word respect means we ask the child, for example, would be very different when we ordered the house maid opened the door, by the time we ask our in-laws to open the door, you would understand what I mean. Children also want to be appreciated and recognized, and this is very important.
  2. Make sure always looked into her eyes when we communicate with the child, the eyes show the seriousness and respect the other person. Making the child feel important and recognized.
  3. Be a good listener if the child is talking. With the hearing, the child had felt her parents are people who want to understand himself, even if you have not provided a solution. Please note if we want to give a solution, we need to ask first. Only by listening to children talk then we've helped the child emotionally disturbing load off and certainly will be more annoying if not removed. And when parents are able to take this job well, then our children will not be guaranteed to find love out there, because there has been an understood and loved him.
  4. Love the way he loved child. Surely you know how where our children how to treat people with love, may be to the sister, with her father or mother, grandmother, cousin or friend. Look, what he gave excessive attention, what he likes to give a touch, like giving gifts, and others. In the same way we learn to love him the way, not the way we as parents. Perhaps we parents are happy and feel loved in a way be held, but the child does not like to cuddle. Use and learn the style she give love, to give love completely.
The next aspect is how communicate based on the mechanism of the human mind. The human mind is always the dominant process information. That is, the human mind does not know the word "no, do not or any negative sentence."

That's the nature of your child's mind, cannot accept a negative sentence to be processed in the mind. This is the intention of the mind only process the information that is dominant. How do we communicate with the child? Many use the ban which was violated.

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