May 19, 2011

Children Who Sleep Snoring Easily Affected by Disease

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GladChild: Not only adults who sleep snoring, a child may also experience health problems that make sleeping so uncomfortable. If not addressed early on, then when children are vulnerable to various health problems.

Snoring during sleep is not a rare habit in children. Various studies show 11-12 percent of children aged 1-9 years of experience as much as 3-4 times a week, with intensity high enough to be heard by others.

The main trigger is not much different from sleep apnea or stopped breathing in adults, i.e., airway constriction that vibrate when air bypassed. Snoring children (sleep disorders in children) is caused by 3 factors as follows:
  • Anatomical abnormalities, such as a small jaw or airway is too narrow
  • Muscle and nervous system around the airways less coordinated
  • Enlarged tonsils and adenoids, which in layman's language is known as tonsillitis.
Short-term impact that is felt when the children sleep in the snoring is reduced quality of sleep, because the reduced supply of oxygen throughout the night. As a result, children become easy to feel tired, concentration and learning achievement in schools decreased.

If not addressed, the long-term impact could be more serious. Reduced oxygen supply could affect the continuous functioning of the heart and blood vessels, which can aggravate hypertension if the boy did have risk factors for these diseases.

In addition, they often feel tired, so children feel hungry faster and tend to choose foods that are quickly processed into energy such as sugars and simple carbohydrates. As a result children prone to obesity and a more dangerous again this condition can aggravate children snoring.

An unhealthy diet as risk appetite increases also raises cholesterol levels and blood sugar. Quoted from Medicalnewstoday on Thursday May 19, 2011. Hypercholesterolemia (high cholesterol levels) and hyperglycemia (high blood sugar) can trigger heart problems in adulthood.

Because the cause of snoring in children is the most common thyroid problems, then the first choice to eliminate habitual snoring in children is to cure inflammation of the tonsils, adenoids. Anatomic abnormalities and nervous system are relatively rare, but can also be overcome by surgical orthodontic.

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