Aug 30, 2011

Children aged 11 years may infected by sexually transmitted disease

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GladChild: Sexually transmitted disease in children through sexual intercourse, so that sufferers came mostly from among the adults. But lately the children are also affected, even a boy of 11 years in the UK already have a fungal infection Chlamydia.

The boy who was not identified was recorded as the youngest patient in the UK in the age group 16 years and under, for Chlamydia infection that attacks the reproductive organs. The infection is usually transmitted through unsafe sex.

The case was revealed in the latest data released by the Mid Essex Foundation Trust recently. The data also noted, in the last 3 years of infection of sexually transmitted disease in children has infected at least 1,000 children under the age of 16.

In addition to a boy aged 11 years who has been mentioned, venereal disease also affects two teenagers 12 years of age in the UK. Both have genital herpes infection and genital warts are also transmitted through unprotected sex.

The older age, the number of cases of transmission of genital infections in children carrying the greater. At the age of 13 years for example, while the number reached 46 children in the age group 14 years and 15 years respectively of 200 and 602 children.

Viewed based on their gender, these data show that girls three times more at risk of contracting venereal infections. While the type of infection, Chlamydia most common by both boys and girls.

Similarly children, the rate of transmission of venereal disease in adults over the age of 50 years also increased. The reason is the same, namely a lack of knowledge and awareness about safe sex behavior and responsibility.

In the group aged 50 years and over, 16 percent of adults having sex with new partners without using condoms as a protection. This figure is highest compared to the age group 26-30 years and only 4 percent of the 22-25 year age group which is 6 percent.

For prevention, family planning agencies in the UK expect the role of the family to provide the right knowledge about reproductive health in children. In addition, anyone who had sex at risk is encouraged to consult as soon as possible.

If you have sex is at risk and without protection, it is very important to get checked out before symptoms appear, said Lisa McCreesh, a pharmacist involved in such research as quoted from Dailymail on Tuesday August 30, 2011.

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