Sep 1, 2011

How to understand child psychology

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GladChild: Not an easy thing you become a good mother, because this might make you grow dizzy with the variety of behavior patterns that unruly child behavior. But it will happen if you are difficult to establish a harmonious relationship with the child, especially in adolescents.

What is child psychology? Sometimes it is hard to understand child psychology and understand what they want, especially with the generation gap between you and your child. Maybe this is what usually happens to you and your children at different opinions and ends with hostility. But you need to know, that with the success you establish a harmonious family relationship with the child is a primary key you in understanding child psychology.

This requires patience as well as how you in the face of children, especially teenagers to understand and know what they want. The following tips you can do:

Clarify your role as a limit of parents and friends
Distinguish your role here as a parent or even a friend for your child. At the time you became a friend to the child, usually a pleasant interaction will occur because the child will tell you all complained on you. But when serving you as a friend, you can judge when they tell the problem to you. Conversely, if you act as parent judgments would not be possible to do because of love and care about you to a different portion they have when you become a friend for him. That way when your position as a parent, give the best of what the kids want but do not spoil, but it provides a sufficient portion to make it understand.

Involve yourself
Try to spend a little time to establish a more intimate relationship with your children. With you can spend time with them, then it is possible if you could also get involved in their lives, so without the fear and anxiety they are ready to come up to you to tell all the problems they face. Because these situation him, you're the parent who can provide security and comfort for them to solve problems they face.

Educate children to become a responsible
It is not easy to educate children to become responsible person in his life. But it is you need to do early on so that they can be more responsible with what they do. For example, if they want something to be with the results of their own efforts without relying on your help. That way you can give reward if they successfully run the business and responsibilities. But do not give them a reward if they do business cannot be justified. Because with them realizing it, the child can learn to be responsible and have the independence that they grew up.

Listen to the opinion of the child
Not you just want to be heard by children, even your child was also wants you to listen and understand what they want. However, you must still understand their intentions rather than judge when they make mistakes. You can listen to advance what they said, because it could be with the child's condition is such that he is in need of your help to become his patron.

The position you specify

Indirectly by you taking the right decisions in everyday life, the children have been helped by the decisions you make with all his kindness for the sake of their lives. That way the child will think that they will become good decision makers when they grew up.

You are always there for the kids
As a parent the most important thing at this time especially in the development of the child before and after they became a teenager that parents can be a good example and role model for her children someday. In addition you need to remember, that in its development ever they always need you. And this is where your important role for the child for future growth and development because they want only you could always there and present in their lives.

Follow the child's development
In addition to monitoring child development, you also need to keep abreast of other children like knowing the various activities that they do well at home, school or the environment outside the home. Not only that, maybe you could also follow what kind of music are now being their preferred or even the name of their playmates. Due to your watch list to follow all the developments and their activities, then it becomes the responsibility of parenthood.

Rules that you have given up and settled on the child, can you give a little leeway in terms of exceptions.

Have the same favorite
Do not make small things into a fight for you and your child. And you also have to understand and really understood about the nature of the child. With you have the same favorite with kids, and then you can understand them better, especially in learning and sharing of interesting experiences.

Keep talking even if the child does not listen
Although children sometimes difficult to listen to criticism and suggestions from you, keep you always give suggestions for the good of them. It's hard to tell things that sometimes make them tired, but you are doing is right. At first glance you might see them with a passivity that is not listening or did not want to receive feedback from you, but make no mistake because the child's attitude was much more active in some of the things they hear from you. And most importantly do not ever stop and bored to provide input to the child because then they can receive all the words you are saying.

By knowing some of the above of course you can better understand child psychology and knows it well.

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