Aug 3, 2011

Working mom, does not interfere with the child's behavior

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GladChild: No need to worry for those who have to work, but still have small children. Leaving children at home will not be as great an effect on child behavior problems. During this career women are often anxious to leave child home alone decide.

That's because it was thought that children who are not accompanied by his mother prone to child behavioral disorders. One of the problems that concern the mother worked, among others, concentration problems and hyperactivity (GPPH) on the baby.

However, a study showed that children whose mothers work outside the home will not have a tendency to get emotional or child behavior problems at age five than children whose mothers stay at home. The study published in the Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, in 2010, about 64 percent of the women in America, who have children under age six work outside the home?

We do not see any detrimental effects on children's behavior with his mother's job, said study researcher Anne McMunn, PhD, a senior researcher at University College London, England, quoted by WebMD page.

Living with two parents that work seems to be the best option for children. And, this effect is clearly visible, even after researchers took into account the level of maternal education and household income. The results mentioned a girl was actually behaved badly if she stayed at home.

Daughters whose mothers did not work at all in the first five years of their lives, twice as likely to have child behavior problems at age five.

My mother works should not feel guilty that this choice will have an impact on the social, emotional needs, or behavior of their children, said McMunn.

And if there is any impact, they might do service in terms of increasing family income and some positive effects for girls, he continued.

This new study analyzed data on employment of parents when children are still infants, aged three years and five years.

The researchers compared this information with social and emotional behaviors in children aged three and five years to see, whether the mother's employment status has an effect on a child's risk of mental disorders later in life.

The research was conducted in the UK, but these findings may also apply in the United States, said McMunn.

Charles Shubin, MD, medical director at Children's Health Center of Mercy Family Care in Baltimore, and professor of pediatrics at the University of Maryland said the choice of child care plays a big role in how children are affected by parental employment status.

You still have to relate to children. You have to be involved in children's lives and they need to know what you like. If children feel accepted, they will have trouble focusing of attention, regardless of whether their mothers work outside the home or not, said Shubin.

Susan Newman, PhD, a social psychologist at the Middlesex County, NJ, and author of several books, including The Case for the Only Child, says this new study validates what has been known for many years.

If you are reliable, the right nanny, work will not have a negative effect on children, when many people believe about it, he continued.

Nothing is concretely found any negative effects on children if you are a working mother. In fact, parents run the job the best because it has an interest outside of the children, and work is certainly one of those interests, he said.

If you need or want to work, guilt is a wasted emotion, said Newman.

The results of this study could have skewed the responses. Several other researchers say that leaving a child under the care of others and working mothers will make the kids have bad behavior.

However, according to researchers, if a mother managed to make his mind work and relationships with the children stay balanced, then he could be more successful in family and work. To overcome this, mothers who work outside the home would be wise to set the time.

Working to meet the needs of the family is very noble, but it must be remembered that the main task of a mother is to manage the household. Mothers who have to leave work early morning and return in the afternoon should still take the time to communicate with children.

Not to forget the mother also took time to joke with children and examine children's school assignments although very tired after a day of working outside the home. However, these sacrifices will be a joy if they see their children grow into strong personal and stable.

As for working mothers in the house also still be able to manage time wisely. However, the task is certainly not the only task of the mother, but fathers also have to help the mother to perform household tasks so that the unity and domestic harmony will remain well preserved.

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