Sep 16, 2011

10 tips on how to make children like to eat vegetables and fruits

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GladChild: The right diet for your child is vegetables and fruits. But what if they do not like your cooking menu is made from vegetables and fruits? If you have difficulty in feeding your child when it comes to seducing them to eat vegetables and fruit, you need not worry because this article will discuss how to make children like to eat vegetables and fruits.

Do you know what reasons that make your child does not like vegetables and fruit? This is because taste of vegetables and fruits that they know has a bland flavor and not as sweet as they drank milk formula. And of course you also want to always make the child nutritious diet and that includes vegetables and fruits that they like both kinds of food.

Here are some tips that you can do in the face of the child who does not like vegetables and fruits:
  1. Try not always force a child to eat vegetables and fruit.
  2. For the initial stage, introduce children to the taste of vegetables and then gradually with fruit at the time of Complementary feeding.
  3. At the introduction stage, choose vegetables and fruits with a good taste, sweet taste like the taste of milk formula.
  4. Phase solids serve food in the form of puree, blend in a way that is then filtered, and the juice is taken alone. With a soft texture and slightly dilute making babies was not surprised when eating it.
  5. Choose high-fiber vegetables and fruits to be easy to chew, better to be eaten immediately or cooked for a while so that the enzymes and vitamins that contained no less.
  6. Do not forget to always present a menu of vegetables and fruits.
  7. As a parent, give an example to the children that you love vegetables and fruits.
  8. When you present the food menu, always include vegetables and fruits as side dishes in addition to the options menu.
  9. Put small pieces of vegetables and fruit and allow the child to feed themselves.
  10. When children want to try vegetable or fruit that you serve, praise him.
Therefore, do not ever upset and give up when making the diet for children, especially vegetables and fruits, for the sake of the love child of vegetables and fruits. It required patience, patience, and your creativity in making children's food.

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