Sep 19, 2011

Is a vegetarian eating patterns suitable for babies?

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GladChild: By providing a nutritious and varied food for your baby, it is suitable for vegetarian babies. Vegetarian in infants is not problematic, even very good. The results of a study states that there are no vegetarian infants suffering from malnutrition. Instead there is a toddler instead of vegetarian nutrition or excess weight. Vegetarians can be performed on babies, but we must plan well on nutrition and type of food that varies each time continuously. Special attention is focused on the needs of a diet rich in nutrients such as protein, calcium, vitamin B12 and vitamin D in vegetarian eating patterns.

To make a vegetarian eating patterns in infants, we must ensure that some groups that must be consumed like food: grains, milk (soy milk is recommended), and nuts. So what is an important nutrient for your vegetarian baby nutrients? Nutrients that are important for vegetarian infants include iron, vitamin B12, and protein. Iron is present in wheat, grains, dark leafy vegetables such as broccoli and spinach, green beans, peas, dried fruits, like apricots, as variations can also be given cake nuts, soy products, or soups thick.

Other sources rich in vitamin B12 are present in yeast extract, milk and infant formula products. Give your baby at least until his first birthday. There are rich sources of protein in grains, breads, rice and pasta. Provide various kinds of proteins in your baby's menu every week, so the need for amino acids in your baby into a healthy balance.

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