Sep 20, 2011

Characteristics of children who suffer from leukemia

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GladChild: Leukemia can be treated with a long duration of treatment and should be under strict medical supervision. If the child is suffering from acute leukemia not immediately addressed, in a matter of weeks he could meet his death. While children who suffer from chronic leukemia, if not immediately addressed, usually in a matter of years of death caused by leukemia in children threatened.

Handling a child who has leukemia varies, depending on the level and type. Usually, to treat patients with acute and chronic leukemia, the patient must undergo chemotherapy and administered anti-cancer drugs (stitostatika). Leukemia treatment process should be under strict medical supervision. Therefore, stitostatika drug is a drug that could interfere with a heavy dose of other organs such as kidneys, liver, and heart.

The role of doctors here recommends other medications required to counteract the side effects of these anticancer drugs. In addition, patients can undergo other leukemia treatment methods, such as surgery or bone marrow transplant.

Immediately perform the checks to the doctor if your child exhibits the following characteristics:
  • Skin pale yellowish child
  • Shortness of breath
  • Incurred blue patches on the skin
  • Pain in the bone
  • Board of fever (no obvious cause)
  • Fatigue is not excited
  • Hemorrhage (bleeding) due to decreased levels of platelets
  • Vomiting

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