Sep 15, 2011

6 Clean and healthy habits that must be taught to children

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GladChild: Clean healthy life should have been taught since childhood. Here are 6 habits of clean living that must be taught to the child's.

Childhood is the time he enjoys outdoor games such as play-dirty mud or dirt. Therefore parents should start teaching about hygiene since she was a toddler.

Personal hygiene of a child should be a top priority when he grows so he is less susceptible to disease or infection. Here are six habits that must be taught to clean your baby, as quoted from Lifemojo, Thursday September 15, 2011:

1. Wash hands with soap
Invite your child to always wash their hands using soap and tell when the hands should be washed. Make sure children wash the surface of hands, between your fingers and rinse the dirt that is trapped under the nail. Parents can teach through song that contains the sequence of proper handwashing.

2. Brushing teeth properly
Care is needed since the age of 1 year to prevent the risk of cavities. Make sure your child to brush teeth properly as up and down and circular motion, and makes brushing your teeth 2 times a day. Use the form of favorite cartoon characters on the small brush so that it becomes a fun activity.

3. Cleaning the tongue
Try to teach children to clean their tongue after brushing your teeth, because the surface of the tongue can be a place for bacteria to grow and nests of small particles of food.

4. Familiarize to take a bath 2 times a day
Children love to play so it is easy to sweat, so get used to bathe 2 times a day to clean skin. Teach him to rub the hands, feet, armpits, groin and the folds of the body using a gentle soap. If the child refuses to take a bath, try to persuade by placing a favorite toy in the bathtub or shower foam.

5. Cleaning the children ears
Children may not have been able to clean by own ears, because the really significant stuff those parents play a role here. Clean ears regularly can help prevent the risk of complications such as infection, irritation or damage to the eardrum.

6. Train children to peeing and defecate at toilet
Generally, the children become accustomed to using the toilets since the age of 2-3 years.

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