Sep 8, 2011

10 Reasons why you should not to Spanking your child

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GladChild: You've probably seen a mother spanking her child because the child does not obey his orders or because the children make mistakes. Or maybe you yourself unwittingly ever spank your child because it would upset his bad behavior. Indeed the reason why you spank your children is to warn and discipline him so he would not misbehave and obey your commands.

In America alone, approximately 70% of parents spank their children as a way to discipline children. Apparently this is not a good way and correct. June 2002, The Associated Press launched a study from Columbia University. The researchers found, spanking children will have negative consequences for the child's behavior, including aggressive, anti-social attitudes, and problems with mental health.
Here are 10 reasons why you should not to Spanking your child:
  1. Spank children will just stop the child not to behave badly for a while. The reason why your child is behaving badly because he did not know how to solve the problem.
  2. Spanking the child will not teach it to behave well, but would only teach it not to get caught by her parents when she made a mistake. This will make the child can do the manipulating.
  3. Children will be given the punishment given to him, not remembering what wrong he had done. He will be a coward, and instead become someone who wants to do right.
  4. This will teach the child to resolve any problems by hitting. Should children be taught to accept, and solve a problem without violence.
  5. Hitting will only teach children to behave in an external control or solve problems with physical punishment. It will not teach kids to control themselves (internal control) in the face of something.
  6. Spanking may give mixed messages to children. Hitting a child who has grown will not matter much, but do not hitting a child are still small.
  7. Spanking your child will stop the development of his moral. It hit him will make him stop making mistakes, but he stopped doing this for fear of guilt will be punished again. Not because he wanted to do the right thing.
  8. Spanking your child will remove the child's sense of empathy. Empathy is sensitive to others feelings and feelings is the basis for moral development. Research has shown empathy a child will disappear when parents educate their children with anger and control, and not with affection.
  9. Spanking the child will only open the way to know the world of violence. Hitting is an aggressive act, and you will only show the child that you as parents, have been out of bounds.
  10. Spanking the child will not teach him good manners, but teaches how to yell, hit, manipulate and control someone with a growing fear in someone. It also means you have failed to teach discipline to your child.
One thing you have to remember, the purpose of discipline is to teach foster responsible for all the choices. There are still many other ways that you can use to teach discipline to your child. By saying gently, politely, support them with compassion, love and respect, is an effective way to grow a commendable attitude to the child. Teach child discipline to use affection is better than to teach discipline based on fear.

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